Office Autopilot vs Infusionsoft

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When it comes to business automation software there are really only two companies and products that are going head to head in the small/medium business market (and not costing several thousand dollars per month) – Office Autopilot (Ontraport) and Infusionsoft.

These are critical to online businesses that require automation to grow sales and nurture their customers and prospects intelligently – potentially saving a lot of money on customer service and telesales staff

It is vital to know the benefits and features of both software services to make sure you pick the one that best fits your business needs and receive the best returns on investment that are possible.

You may or may not fully know what you require from the software and, with software companies often limiting the amount of information available prior to purchase, we have created this article to help you out in making your selection.

Here is my review on the two packages and what they offer to the user.

There are pretty high costs involved with these software packages and so decisions are vital to your business. Infusionsoft prices up at $199 (for up to 10,000 contacts and 25,000 email per month) and up to $499 per month for 500,000 contacts and 200,000 emails per month. Also required is a large upfront investment that is for the mandatory coaching experience, accounts that can be accessible from 3-5 users. Office autopilot’s basic package costs $297 per month with 25,000 contacts, 100,000 emails per month and up to 2 Users. A team package costs $597 per month for 100,000 contacts, 100,000 emails per month and a larger 10 possible users. This package comes with a 90 day money back guarantee which is not offered by Infusionsoft that could mean a pricey mistake for the wrong selection.

So we know the prices, but which one is right for you?


Infusionsoft offers a professional, clean and expert experience. This is the larger of the two companies and this can be seen within the software and lack of a personal feel that can leave you feeling a little disconnected.

There is a 24/7 customer service line that can help, but we have found this to be a confusing a sometimes unhelpful route of information. This ties in to the larger more corporate feel of the software with several layers of customer service from UK based call centres.

Also available at additional expense is coaching that offers a great learning platform for you to educate yourself and strategize well and answer any questions you have in set up. The star of the show is Infusionsoft’s campaign builder which is a great service and a seriously helpful offering. Infusionsoft offer a shopping cart whilst office autopilot does not, this shopping cat is a little difficult to customize but a handy add-on to the software. The analytics on offer are of no real use or reliability and other online services may prove to be a better outlet but there are hundreds of third party apps for integration are offered and customizable.

Office Autopilot (Ontraport)

Office Autopilot is a simple to use software that is methodical and helpful to your aims and objectives. This is a smaller company that seemingly pays more attention to matters that make a difference and they try to help you to their best capabilities.

This more personalized service has a feel that they really try to make your experience a good one and although the customer service lines are not 24/7, like Infusionsoft, the information and care show trumps their services in my opinion.

The 90 day money back guarantee also offers security and the software is a lot easier for users and is more understandable in set-up. However, the software is not as exciting and as good to look at, which can be a factor.

The rebranding to Ontraport also offers and exciting transition that will move the service forward as has been the case in the past with growth in areas that matter for the customers. Initial consultations are free and very useful and set up takes a lot less time as the service is less overwhelming and quicker. However there is no offering of any real integration and there is no data clean-up which is frustrating however other customizable offerings are better for personalization.

Our Ratings

Ratings out of 10 Infusionsoft Office Autopilot
Price 6 8
Customer Service 7 9
User Experience 8 9
Shopping Cart 7 N/A
Auto responders 9 6
Web analytics 3 8
Additional features 7 8
Overall 7 8.5


This is a very short and concentrated look in to a large important area for businesses. Overall Office Autopilot has taken our vote as the customer service and additional features on offer trumps Infusionsoft’s more corporate services. Infusionsoft offers a quality service nonetheless and the returning customer base proves that they are doing good work. There are interesting different features of both and Ontraport release is a real point of interest and excitement in this area for OAP.

This is our review but there are varying features of both that may be of more or less importance to you. As there is little real comparative information from both companies, reviews such as this can be a very handy service in your choice from experts that know the tools on review. This isn’t a sales pitch and we have honestly taken our important factors in to account from a user’s perspective.

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    The Office Autopilot System (now called Ontraport) is a great platform for small business owners, professional people, authors and speakers to be able to turn their website into a passive income center to monetize their proficiency with a mostly automated system. I love it!

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