Office Autopilot Review of Affiliate Management & Support

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By Adam Page

OAP provides the user with an automated system to help run an online business, designed with convenience in mind. The software wants to make running an online business as simple as possible and provide the user with peace of mind that the business is being looked after. It has many features that centralise around marketing and business payment. It keeps everything in one place and can store contacts, emails and track affiliates as well as look after purchases and sales.

I spent a good amount of time trialling the features and tools in the OAP system so I could write this Office Autopilot review – I hope you find it useful in making your decision about what best shopping cart software and business centralisation system to go with in your business.

Once established office autopilot simplifies the management of an online marketing or business system. It has features like automated e-mail response, this helps capture leads and is a great marketing tool. It is a very intelligent system and therefore in comparison to others will lead to the best results from email marketing. It uses a statistical based system to direct best-suited emails to users of the site and creates new marketing opportunities. The storage of contact data and site use also means the best possible customer care can be provided and allows you to remain up to date with the sites activity and existing and new customers. It keeps all the data in a central location and is accessible at ease.

Affiliate management can be a tough part of online marketing and business, office autopilot is also very useful in its system of affiliate management. It contains features, which mean the activity of affiliates can be viewed easily and is tracked and stored. This makes rewarding your affiliates easy and provides evidence in order to avoid any confusion that may arise without this system. This is a strong feature of office autopilot and this feature is guaranteed to simplify the online marketing and business process.

Autopilot also provide you with great support using the software, if you wanted an introduction to the software, a tour of its features, help with an issue or simple tips to maximise office autopilot, it is very easy to contact the company or organise a video tutorial through the website.

This means that even when starting out you are able to maximise your business performance, as they will be able to show all the features and tips for using their software. This customer care is important as this software could be quite daunting to use at first, the fact support is provided can set it apart from other automated business systems.

The company and its website for office autopilot is also a very strong point to having the software. The website is easy to use and provides you with information on the product, videos with help and tips for using the software and contact information if further assistance was required. Its simple and easy to get a Skype demo with a member of trained staff, or a ‘hero’ as they are called by the company and having used this feature it has helped understand the product in a lot more detail and given confidence to me in use of the system.

However it is evident that it is quite pricey in comparison to other automation systems, the shopping cart feature appears to not be as strong as some competitors and this, if important to the business will be a problem. This is a small issue that could be solved relatively simply and would perhaps make it a much stronger automation system.

Despite this it is evident that office autopilot is a very good bit of automation software and works very well in the situations its designed for. Its strong features make running online marketing or business far simpler and even when pricey it is far better than buying a separate bit of software for each feature and running the business that way. It keeps everything in one place and store important data to the business in order to yield the best results possible.

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