OAP-Best WordPress Subscription Plugin?

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Office Autopilot is very user-friendly and the software offers you a lot more compared than the vast majority of its competitors.

When selling products via a membership site, you’ll need a WordPress subscription plugin,

This system enables the user to not only collect customer information, but helps subdivide customer details that can lead to a more effect marketing strategy. For example, a user can use tags on their website which collects data such as what products the customer was viewing and how many times they have viewed the products without buying the product. This makes it a very useful marketing tool because the user can then directly market to the prospective customer by offering specific product assistance that might influence their decision on buying the product.

This happens when Office Auto Pilot enables the user to create leads; the more a customer visits the site and clicks on certain links this will be recorded and if the visits are often, the customer then becomes a ‘hot lead’.

OAP Membership Plugin WordPress Review

The system is WordPress friendly, it is very easy to integrate your already-existing WordPress site to OAP, all you need to do is use a WordPress subscription plugin this means you will not have to rebuild your website around the new software.
The tracking system and the WordPress membership plugin allows the user to collect phone numbers and the customer’s location using the customer’s IP address. This is also very useful because it allows you to know what your customers are doing every time they long on to your site. The system does not have a fully-fledged WordPress shopping cart plugin however – it’s more a business-centralisation system, rather than shopping cart as such.
Unlike other programmes you will not have to sign into other programmes like PayPal to check on how your business is performing, you will be integrated to other systems within your Autopilot account and they will be displayed on the ‘Office Auto Trader’ program.


Another useful feature that Office Autopilot does well is creating reports: With Office Auto Trader you will be able to get a detailed analysis of your customers, including details about how much a customer has bought and what else the customer has been looking at. This could be displayed in graphs and detailed dated quantitative data. Also, Auto Trader can be used to make monthly business performance summaries, also in forms of charts and other forms of visual quantitative data.
Other programmes do not show the gradual change in sales over a period of time. OAP is superior at this type of analysis as it shows the data change over a period of time.


Compared to other services, Auto Pilot is affordable and also offers great customer service, via email or over the phone and on Skype. They also host useful free training webinars. Customer service representatives will be able to walk you through any problems that you might be facing and even help you manage the service to suit your business. Their customer service is available 24 hours a day so you can contact them anytime if you have any problems with the system.
This feature sets it apart from the competition and with a very intuitive website explaining the software and providing customer reviews, support, video tutorials amongst news and updates gives any customer of this product and the company office auto pilot a very positive experience.

Check out a free trial of Autopilot here

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