Ecommerce Solutions – Comparison of OA with Infususionsoft & Nanacast etc

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Infusionsoft vs Office Autopilot

Infusionsoft’s main package is $299 per month, comparable to Office Autopilot at $297. Many of the features are similar – smart automation, e-mail marketing, fulfillment and follow up. I have not personally used Infusionsoft but I know it’s not dubbed ‘confusionsoft’ for no reason – many people I know use it and say that the customer service is less than great (in fact one of my internet marketing friends says that customer service is actually terrible) and I know at least 2 people who have stopped using Infusion and have switched to Office Autopilot and love it.

Winner: OA

1Shopping Cart

1Shopping Cart has a few pricing options, the most popular premium one, with affiliate management and payment gateway and one-click upsells is a reasonable $99 per month. Many online marketers use and are happy with 1Shopping Cart. It doesn’t have membership software included, nor does it have intelligent follow up or the ability to integrate physical fulfillment.

If you want multi-upsell functionality, this only comes with the $249 per month package, in which case, it is much more cost effective and feature rich to go with Office Autopilot. Customer service with 1SC is somewhat limited, unlike OA, whch advocates its strong customer service element and support ‘heroes’, as well as them setting up a lot of it for you.

Winner: OA – despite the higher price, it has greater functionality and customer support and will probably enable you to maximise your profits from your sales funnel than 1SC over time.


Nanacast as threee pricing options, the premium version is $147 per month, half of what OA is. It has some great features, most notably the automatic physical fulfillment feature – on-demand printing and worldwide shipping. It fully integrates with Kunaki and (so you can send out DVD and CD versions of your products very cheaply and on autopilot) and whilst OA also has this feature, Nanacast is more versatile in this respect and has more options. Nanacast has an advanced coupon system, so you can hold dime sales and integrate dynamic pricing, this is a pretty cool and useful feature. Again, OA has this but is not as feature rich.

Nanacast does NOT include an autoresponder, so you’d have to pay extra each month for tat and use a third party provider such as Aweber, this means that not all of your business is centralised and also that you’d have an extra cost of at least $20 per month extra, although could be a lot more if you are building a large list.

I signed up for a free trial of Nanacast and did find it a little complicated and not as friendly a user interface as OA. Some reports on the Warrior Forum say that Nanacast is quite complicated to set up (and as far as I know, their support people don’t offer this as standard, unlike Office Autopilot).

Winner: Tie between OA and Nanacast – both have great features, Nanacast is a fair bit cheaper but lacks the ease of use in set up and the autoresponder feature, as well as intelligent follow up that OA has.

Premium Web Cart

Premium Web Cart has 3 pricing options – the full-feature professional package is $99.97 per month. It is a strong contender in the cart and centralised business platform arena. I actually tried a 30 day trial of PWC too and their customer service was excellent – I had at least a half hour Skype chat with one of their support people about how to integrate my existing membership site with PWC. That said, the membership site side of things I fund to be a problem – it does not easily integrate with a WordPress-based membership site, despite them saying it does. They suggest that you use their hosted membership site functionality. I found this to be a problem for two reasons:

1. I want my members area hosting with my hosting account – what if I want to sell it or stop using PWC in the future? I’d have to move it all or delete it.

2. The membership site function is pretty basic – no where near as good as, say, Digital Access Pass or even Wishlist Member and it certainly doesn’t look as beautiful as, say, Kajabi or an Optimizepress-based members area.

For these reasons, I cancelled my PWC sign up, despite it having loads of other great features – customer service platform, fulfillment modules, one-click upsells, affiliate management, coupons, bundling of products, autoresponder, customer surveys, tell-a-friend, suggest a feature and even a project management feature that gives Basecamp a run for its money.

If membership sites are not important to you, go for it but I’d suggest that you will definitely want to have some kind of paid and secure continuity program as part of your sales funnel, in which case, I would not opt for Premium Web Cart. Shame.

Winner: Office Autopilot

Optimizepress & Digital Access Pass

James Dyson’s Optimizepress ($97) and Ravi Jayogopal’s Digital Access Pass (around $247) certainly make a killer combo when it comes to sales funnel and secure members area – all looking pretty gorgeous in James’ HTML 5 WordPress theme (Optimizepress). Now firstly I need to say that this combo is NOT a shopping cart – you’d still need separate fulfillment house integration, autoresponder, customer service software etc. DAP comes with a robust affiliate programme (but with limited stats and tracking). So it’s not a centralised business platform like the others.

The reason I’ve included this combo in the review is that if you are looking for a one-off payment option and already have autoresponder, customer service centre and payment platform/gateway etc then this would be good option for you. I have used this exact combination for one of my products/member areas and it works pretty well. However, it’s not easy to have half price product sales or give coupons etc. DAP has now introduced coupons but it’s not as easy as doing it all and have it all under one roof like you can with Office Autopilot.

The obvious drawback with this combo is that you can’t track cutomer history and it doesn’t allow intelligent follow up. Therefore, when you’re at the stage of taking your business to the next level and have multiple products then I’d opt for an all-in-one platform, like OA.

Winner: OA – for volume of functionality the fact it’s a proper centralised ecommerce platform.

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5 Responses to “Ecommerce Solutions – Comparison of OA with Infususionsoft & Nanacast etc”
  1. James Matthewson says:

    Thanks Laura, great review! I have been looking around at shopping carts for a little while, your review is very thorough and will save me a ton of time and heartache I’m sure!!!! Office Autopilot looks pretty awesome. I’ve heard bad things about Infusionsoft too.

  2. Hello,

    I hope you don’t mind if I weigh in here. I own 5 companies ranging from a medical billing company to an internet sales and affiliate marketing company. I will tell you my experience so far with Infusionsoft and OAP. First of all, I use both Infusionsoft and OAP. Why? Because they are both great products but they are not perfect. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses. I started out using Infusionsoft frist and I still use it every day. It has been a godsend in many ways. Here are the things I love about Infusionsoft. First, has a very robust CRM system for both B2B and B2C relationship management. Much more robust then Ontraport. Infusionsoft also has way better automation to manage CRM like functions like scheduling appointments, creating tasks, move to different sales stages, etc. Ontraport will freely admit their B2C capability is not up to snuff compared to Infusionsoft. Second, Infusionsoft has a fairly decent shopping cart system. I wouldn’t recommend it if you are trying to build the next Amazon but it’s decent enough for many small businesses ($150 per month savings). I use their shopping cart and order form system and it’s done wonders for me. Ontraport does not have an eCommerce system. They expose out their API to 3rd party. Third, Infusionsoft campaign builder absolutely crushes Ontraports step sequences. The ability to mind map out my steps and then publish them in a campaign is “HUGE”. Fourth, Infusionsoft has 10 times the training Ontraport has. Infusionsoft has done an absolutely fantastic job helping their customers use their tools effectively. They don’t just give you the software and say here you go. They want you to be successful and it shows in the way they spend so much time and resources doing free events like (weekly mastermind series, free online university classes) etc to get their user base using the system more effectively. I could not find one live training event for Ontraport. All I had was their 9 moves and a very weak library of videos. Sixth, Infusionsoft has a sales pipeline system with Opportunity records that I can auto assign to sales people. This is “HUGE” for managing a sales staff. Ontraport not even close. For $299 Infusionsoft gives up to 5 people access while Ontraport for $297 gives only two people accesss. What?

    Ok now for Ontraport. First, I love their low risk approach to using their system. The ability to try their software for 90 days with a 100% money back guarantee is unheard of. Second, they don’t require a a kickstart fee. However, this is debatable because honestly for me having a Infusionsoft success coach during the kickstart was a huge plus for me to get myself into the tool and start creating value right away. In fact, I know Ontraport is now trying to get a certification program going because they realize that people need more hand holding then just 9 moves to get up and running. Third, they give you more contact records (25,00 as oppose to 10,000) and email sends for the money. So if you need a lot of contacts and you are primarily doing email marketing, Ontraport is your play. Fourth, they have a better WordPress integration model and they allow you a free plugin (pilotpress) for membership services. So if you are an Info marketer, this is “HUGE”. Infusionsoft has a product called Customerhub that you have to pay additional fees to use. Fifth, I like the way you can store items in buckets better. For example, I can create all my emails, forms, tasks into buckets under a tab and if I name them right (VERY IMPORANTAT THAT YOU NAME STUFF RIGHT IN ONTRAPORT since you don’t have tag categories like you do in Infusionsoft), I can pull them into Sequences faster. Sixth, the ability to scale from SendPepper (3 pricing tiers) all the way up to Ontraport (their most robust product). This is slick because what a lot of people end up doing with Infusionsoft is they use a product like aweber until they can justify the expense and then have to import everything. Infusionsoft makes it easy to import from aweber or constant contact but still. Seventh, the ability to create person landing pages. I like the landing page system in Ontraport much better. Also, you can create free wordpress domains with Ontraport under their 6 main domains.
    Here are my final thoughts. Infusionsoft is more of an Automated “SALES” and “Marketing” system where Ontraport is just “Marketing”. Why do I say this? Because Infusionsoft simply allows you a more robust framework to manage your sales relationships with the sales pipeline system and the opportunity records. Especially if you have a small sales team. If you are looking for that, Infusionsoft is your pick. If you are looking for a robust email marketing system with some CRM capability (weak), Ontraport is a good choice. They have way better way to track emails and as far as I’m concerned do a much better job of giving you the marketer more valuable metrics into your email marketing success. I realize there are a lot more things I could have covered.

    BTW, Infusionsoft is not confusing at all. It’s a very robust system and does a lot.

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