Digital Access Pass Review – Best WordPress Membership Plugin?

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Running an e-commerce website on WordPress is supposedly easy. That is, if you have the right set of plugins or tools that pack a ton of features and support core business tasks. This is how you exploit the potentials of WordPress and turn it into an automated, optimized sales machine.

But running a membership site is a different ballgame. For one, you’ll need a plugin that allows you to sell the way you want to. If you want to deliver recurring monthly subscriptions, for instance, you need a WordPress plugin with a flexible content “dripping” functionality. Not all membership site plugins can do that.

Enter Digital Access Pass. Webmasters who use it tend to think it’s the best in terms of price and features. In 2010, I  scoured the web for membership site plugins for three weeks and I couldn’t help but agree. Digital Access Pass is reasonably priced considering its features. It’s a reliable online selling system and arguably the best plugin of its kind. See how it compares with other similar plugins and be the judge.

Doing a feature-by-feature comparison is the easiest way to decide which software is best. So let’s take a quick look at how Digital Access Pass compares with Wishlist Member, Amember, S2 Member and integrates with OptimizePress.

Ability to Drip Content

Wishlist Member has content dripping feature. The problem is, a lot of former users complain about how limited the plugin is. Wishlist Member, they say, won’t let them drip content exactly the way they want it to. DAP, in contrast, lets users drip content quite easily.

Many of you might want to know why content dripping is such a big deal. Here’s why. If you’re running a membership website, you definitely don’t want members to access all resources in one sitting then ask for a refund. Digital Access Pass is designed to help website owners avoid this scenario. Using the plugin, you can let members get the resources gradually, day by day or according to your schedule. Try it and you’ll likely find DAP’s true content drip a powerful feature unmatched by rivals.

Watch my video review of Digital Access Pass here:

Seamless Integration with Other Tools

Unlike other membership plugins that need additional scripts, Digital Access Pass has everything you need right out of the box. DAP works smoothly with WordPress, PayPal, Aweber, MailChimp, ClickBank, s3MediaVault and other popular e-commerce services, as well as the fantastic WordPress theme, James Dyson’s Optimizepress.

These are must-have features, especially if you’re using Amazon S3 storage to protect your website from potential security threats. In addition to this, DAP offers great customer support if you’re having problems with adding an application or service.

S2Member Pro also integrates with payment processors, some management tools and even Amazon’s S3 and Cloudfront services. Users however commonly report poor support. Between DAP and S2Member Pro, the choice is no-brainer.

Built-in Multiple Tier Affiliate System

You’ll need an army of affiliates and supporters to grow your business online. This is the smartest way to sell infoproducts. You can easily achieve this by using Digital Access Pass. Unlike similar plugins, DAP has a built-in affiliate module that lets you manage several affiliates in just a few clicks. What’s more DAP allows online business owners to offer multiple tiers of commissions, which obviously leads to a win-win situation. Your affiliates get paid on sales generated by their referrals while you reap more profits.

In comparison to Amember, S2 Member and Wish list Member the drag and drop feature offer you the opportunity to create a content sequence and rearrange it to suit individual members. The structure of the system, gives you access to have each product on its own sales page, email auto responder and landing page. The straight forward structure makes it easy for members to gain access and understand a variety of products while still understanding their individual strength.

aMember, which is quite popular among websites that sell digital downloads, only has a two-tier affiliate program. Also, aMember Pro is not a true WordPress plugin but a rather a standalone program that works with WordPress through a plugin.

Great Customer Support

Since you’re running a business 24/7, it only makes sense to work with people who’s dedicated to help you get more out of their products. DAP has fantastic customer support along with its strong set of features. Tech Husband, Affiliate Marketing Insights and David Jackson agree with me on this. DAP support answers emails really quickly. Support from developers have always been fast and useful.

All in all, the software is stellar. Buy the software once and install it on all your websites. You own it so you’re free to do anything you want with your content. There are other more expensive options but their features are not as good as what Digital Access Pass offers. In the years since I bought the software, two major features were already added to it: ability to do dimes sales and add coupons. They’re always adding new features and this was oneof the biggest attractions for me when making my purchase.

It took me three weeks looking for the best membership site plugin for WordPress. Digital Access Pass is hands down the best as a self-hosted WordPress plugin.

If you’re looking for a more expensive HOSTED membership software, as part of a complete business centralisation  systme, then check out my reviews of Office Autopilot, Infusionsoft, Nanacast and 1Shopping Cart :-)

What’s your views on the best software? Leave me a comment or voice message (see right of this site)

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  1. Hi, re click-bank – are there any ideas about improving conversions on a varied website? I have a document uploading site and as such it’s very to match offers to the visitor. Many thanks

    • Laura Wilson says:

      Not sure what you’re asking here. This is about DAP – it does integrate well with Clickbank. Conversions is a different topic, you’ll have to look at your sales funnel.

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