Office Autopilot vs Infusionsoft

When it comes to business automation software there are really only two companies and products that are going head to head in the small/medium business market (and not costing several thousand dollars per month) – Office Autopilot (Ontraport) and Infusionsoft.

These are critical to online businesses that require automation to grow sales and nurture their customers and prospects intelligently – potentially saving a lot of money on customer service and telesales staff

It is vital to know the benefits and features of both software services to make sure you pick the one that best fits your business needs and receive the best returns on investment that are possible.

You may or may not fully know what you require from the software and, with software companies often limiting the amount of information available prior to purchase, we have created this article to help you out in making your selection.

Here is my review on the two packages and what they offer to the user.

There are pretty high costs involved with these software packages and so decisions are vital to your business. Infusionsoft prices up at $199 (for up to 10,000 contacts and 25,000 email per month) and up to $499 per month for 500,000 contacts and 200,000 emails per month. Also required is a large upfront investment that is for the mandatory coaching experience, accounts that can be accessible from 3-5 users. Office autopilot’s basic package costs $297 per month with 25,000 contacts, 100,000 emails per month and up to 2 Users. A team package costs $597 per month for 100,000 contacts, 100,000 emails per month and a larger 10 possible users. This package comes with a 90 day money back guarantee which is not offered by Infusionsoft that could mean a pricey mistake for the wrong selection.

So we know the prices, but which one is right for you?


Infusionsoft offers a professional, clean and expert experience. This is the larger of the two companies and this can be seen within the software and lack of a personal feel that can leave you feeling a little disconnected.

There is a 24/7 customer service line that can help, but we have found this to be a confusing a sometimes unhelpful route of information. This ties in to the larger more corporate feel of the software with several layers of customer service from UK based call centres.

Also available at additional expense is coaching that offers a great learning platform for you to educate yourself and strategize well and answer any questions you have in set up. The star of the show is Infusionsoft’s campaign builder which is a great service and a seriously helpful offering. Infusionsoft offer a shopping cart whilst office autopilot does not, this shopping cat is a little difficult to customize but a handy add-on to the software. The analytics on offer are of no real use or reliability and other online services may prove to be a better outlet but there are hundreds of third party apps for integration are offered and customizable.

Office Autopilot (Ontraport)

Office Autopilot is a simple to use software that is methodical and helpful to your aims and objectives. This is a smaller company that seemingly pays more attention to matters that make a difference and they try to help you to their best capabilities.

This more personalized service has a feel that they really try to make your experience a good one and although the customer service lines are not 24/7, like Infusionsoft, the information and care show trumps their services in my opinion.

The 90 day money back guarantee also offers security and the software is a lot easier for users and is more understandable in set-up. However, the software is not as exciting and as good to look at, which can be a factor.

The rebranding to Ontraport also offers and exciting transition that will move the service forward as has been the case in the past with growth in areas that matter for the customers. Initial consultations are free and very useful and set up takes a lot less time as the service is less overwhelming and quicker. However there is no offering of any real integration and there is no data clean-up which is frustrating however other customizable offerings are better for personalization.

Our Ratings

Ratings out of 10 Infusionsoft Office Autopilot
Price 6 8
Customer Service 7 9
User Experience 8 9
Shopping Cart 7 N/A
Auto responders 9 6
Web analytics 3 8
Additional features 7 8
Overall 7 8.5


This is a very short and concentrated look in to a large important area for businesses. Overall Office Autopilot has taken our vote as the customer service and additional features on offer trumps Infusionsoft’s more corporate services. Infusionsoft offers a quality service nonetheless and the returning customer base proves that they are doing good work. There are interesting different features of both and Ontraport release is a real point of interest and excitement in this area for OAP.

This is our review but there are varying features of both that may be of more or less importance to you. As there is little real comparative information from both companies, reviews such as this can be a very handy service in your choice from experts that know the tools on review. This isn’t a sales pitch and we have honestly taken our important factors in to account from a user’s perspective.

Office Autopilot Reviews

Hi there,

So you’ve landed on my website, no doubt you’re in a quandry over which business automation-come-lead nurturing-come-shopping cart solution to go with for the best.

You probably are already aware of how great OAP is in terms of features and definitely giving Infusionsoft a run for its money, but maybe you’re concerned with the price?

The question is

“Should I go with a self-hosted WordPress membership plugin, integrated with my autoresponder and payment processor/shopping cart, or go with a complete all-in-one solution like Office Autopilot?”

Well, fear not! I had exactly the same headache as you and so decided to do something about it. I set up this site after much free-trialling of many different systems and the purchase of a number of them.

So you can see my full reviews but also, there are many other independent reviews.

Independent Office Autopilot Reviews

Get this, in the name of objectivity and getting multiple vantage points, I hired a small team to independently review OAP for me and you

Whilst I am an OAP affiliate, they have no affiliation. They tested it thoroughly for a couple of weeks and even interviewed and Skyped OAP staff for help with set up and questions.

So there you go, I’ve spoilt you (I hope) lol

Read the reviews and leave a comment with any experiece you’ve had. I definitely recommend going for the Office Autopilot free trial, to see for yourself after you’ve checked out our reviews here.

Happy business automation :-)


Office Autopilot Review of Affiliate Management & Support

By Adam Page

OAP provides the user with an automated system to help run an online business, designed with convenience in mind. The software wants to make running an online business as simple as possible and provide the user with peace of mind that the business is being looked after. It has many features that centralise around marketing and business payment. It keeps everything in one place and can store contacts, emails and track affiliates as well as look after purchases and sales.

I spent a good amount of time trialling the features and tools in the OAP system so I could write this Office Autopilot review – I hope you find it useful in making your decision about what best shopping cart software and business centralisation system to go with in your business.

Once established office autopilot simplifies the management of an online marketing or business system. It has features like automated e-mail response, this helps capture leads and is a great marketing tool. It is a very intelligent system and therefore in comparison to others will lead to the best results from email marketing. It uses a statistical based system to direct best-suited emails to users of the site and creates new marketing opportunities. The storage of contact data and site use also means the best possible customer care can be provided and allows you to remain up to date with the sites activity and existing and new customers. It keeps all the data in a central location and is accessible at ease.

Affiliate management can be a tough part of online marketing and business, office autopilot is also very useful in its system of affiliate management. It contains features, which mean the activity of affiliates can be viewed easily and is tracked and stored. This makes rewarding your affiliates easy and provides evidence in order to avoid any confusion that may arise without this system. This is a strong feature of office autopilot and this feature is guaranteed to simplify the online marketing and business process.

Autopilot also provide you with great support using the software, if you wanted an introduction to the software, a tour of its features, help with an issue or simple tips to maximise office autopilot, it is very easy to contact the company or organise a video tutorial through the website.

This means that even when starting out you are able to maximise your business performance, as they will be able to show all the features and tips for using their software. This customer care is important as this software could be quite daunting to use at first, the fact support is provided can set it apart from other automated business systems.

The company and its website for office autopilot is also a very strong point to having the software. The website is easy to use and provides you with information on the product, videos with help and tips for using the software and contact information if further assistance was required. Its simple and easy to get a Skype demo with a member of trained staff, or a ‘hero’ as they are called by the company and having used this feature it has helped understand the product in a lot more detail and given confidence to me in use of the system.

However it is evident that it is quite pricey in comparison to other automation systems, the shopping cart feature appears to not be as strong as some competitors and this, if important to the business will be a problem. This is a small issue that could be solved relatively simply and would perhaps make it a much stronger automation system.

Despite this it is evident that office autopilot is a very good bit of automation software and works very well in the situations its designed for. Its strong features make running online marketing or business far simpler and even when pricey it is far better than buying a separate bit of software for each feature and running the business that way. It keeps everything in one place and store important data to the business in order to yield the best results possible.

For more Office Autopilot reviews, check around this website and the videos we’ve produced for you.

Check out a free trial of Autopilot here

Online Shopping Cart Solutions…What Are the Options?

By James O

Online shopping cart solutions allow you to monetise your products and services via your website. In effect, you can leverage the power of the internet to increase profitability in your business massively.

If you offer digital products – such as ‘how to’ membership sites or video courses or ebooks, for example, it’s not unrealistic to be able to increase your business income by 10 times, if you have a robust shopping cart software solution.

In the day and age we’re in, where everything is online and mobile, especially consumer shopping, then it would be wise for you to add an online shopping cart software stream to your existing business offerings, if you’re not already doing so.

There are a number of options with your cart software – hosted, self-hosted, open source shopping cart software or bespoke. It’s worth noting that you pretty much get what you pay for and a free/ open source cart is not necessarily the best shopping cart software for your business.

Mashable has written a very good review article on top shopping cart software systems.

Generally, a shopping cart allows your customers to add multiple items and quantities of your products or services to their order and then they ‘check out with all their purchases at the end, like you do in Amazon for example. This is different to a simple ‘buy now’ button, for one product or service.

Whilst Office Autopilot is not a shopping cart solution as such, it offers a fully-hosted business centralisation system which integrates well with your cart and also has a WordPress membership plugin.

Check around this site for some in-depth Office Autopilot reviews and shopping cart software comparison reviews, such as Premium Web Cart, 1 Shopping Cart, Infusion Soft and Nanacast.

Check out a free trial of Autopilot here

Office Autopilot System – Features and Customer Service Review

By Daniel Lyons

The Office Autopilot system, once you are accustomed to the way it works, is a very useful business tool indeed.

I have found it very easy to use when trialling the system and can see how it designed with running a streamlined, profitable business in mind, it allows you to track every interaction, e-mail sign up, click, website visit, unique URLs of where people went on my website, what they purchased, have not purchased and then make use of their proactive sequence tools to get testimonials, sales, referrals and maintain my customer relationship.

The countless features on the software have covered everything and, as the name suggests, its ‘auto pilot’ concept means once set up, you have relatively little to do – the software virtually manages everything. It will help make you a little richer everyday so it’s well worth having, in my opinion.

The Proactive Marketing Tools are a very strong feature. If you are not sure what they are – basically the software will start, end, pause and restart any marketing sequence you can think of without you having to lift a finger. For example, Office Autopilot could email/send a postcard to everyone who made a purchase just to thank them. It’s easy, simple and an effective way of boosting customer satisfaction, all you have to do is set that up once and then OAP will do the rest.

Is OAP Worth the Price?

A pro account to the Autopilot system will set you back around $297 a month, this will allow 25,000 contacts, 100,000 e-mails per month and also allows 2 different users, however they offer a team package which allows for 100,000 contacts and 10 different users.

I know you may be thinking that it seems a lot of money but the time that this programme can save you is ridiculous and it can help to make a shed load of cash every day and your time can be dedicated elsewhere, safe in the knowledge your business is still active, it’s well worth forking out $297 a month for.

Plus, you can get an Office Autopilot free trial – click here

There is another brilliant feature known as profitable tracking, it allows you to see where people go on your site and how many times certain customers have viewed certain products. The Contacts layout is terrific. In addition, you can add any type of custom fields you like and customize the layout further. At a glance you can see all contact info, all point of contacts with you, all visits to your tracked websites, purchase history, notes, etc. It is all clean, well designed and simple to use.

All in all I would say that OfficeAutopilot is an excellent piece of software that can benefit any business that uses it. Its features are clear and easy to use and there is always someone who will help you, should you require it. The website layout is perfect and easy to use; you don’t require strong I.T. skills in order to gain the most from OAP. Another great feature is how easy it was to get a tutorial from someone who works at the head office. The gentleman who showed me the features was called Larry, he was very helpful and gave a much better understanding of how to get the most from using it in my business through an easily arranged and simple Skype call, which cost nothing and provided me with further insight and helpful tips in using the Office Autopilot system.

Digital Access Pass Review – Best WordPress Membership Plugin?

Running an e-commerce website on WordPress is supposedly easy. That is, if you have the right set of plugins or tools that pack a ton of features and support core business tasks. This is how you exploit the potentials of WordPress and turn it into an automated, optimized sales machine.

But running a membership site is a different ballgame. For one, you’ll need a plugin that allows you to sell the way you want to. If you want to deliver recurring monthly subscriptions, for instance, you need a WordPress plugin with a flexible content “dripping” functionality. Not all membership site plugins can do that.

Enter Digital Access Pass. Webmasters who use it tend to think it’s the best in terms of price and features. In 2010, I  scoured the web for membership site plugins for three weeks and I couldn’t help but agree. Digital Access Pass is reasonably priced considering its features. It’s a reliable online selling system and arguably the best plugin of its kind. See how it compares with other similar plugins and be the judge.

Doing a feature-by-feature comparison is the easiest way to decide which software is best. So let’s take a quick look at how Digital Access Pass compares with Wishlist Member, Amember, S2 Member and integrates with OptimizePress.

Ability to Drip Content

Wishlist Member has content dripping feature. The problem is, a lot of former users complain about how limited the plugin is. Wishlist Member, they say, won’t let them drip content exactly the way they want it to. DAP, in contrast, lets users drip content quite easily.

Many of you might want to know why content dripping is such a big deal. Here’s why. If you’re running a membership website, you definitely don’t want members to access all resources in one sitting then ask for a refund. Digital Access Pass is designed to help website owners avoid this scenario. Using the plugin, you can let members get the resources gradually, day by day or according to your schedule. Try it and you’ll likely find DAP’s true content drip a powerful feature unmatched by rivals.

Watch my video review of Digital Access Pass here:

Seamless Integration with Other Tools

Unlike other membership plugins that need additional scripts, Digital Access Pass has everything you need right out of the box. DAP works smoothly with WordPress, PayPal, Aweber, MailChimp, ClickBank, s3MediaVault and other popular e-commerce services, as well as the fantastic WordPress theme, James Dyson’s Optimizepress.

These are must-have features, especially if you’re using Amazon S3 storage to protect your website from potential security threats. In addition to this, DAP offers great customer support if you’re having problems with adding an application or service.

S2Member Pro also integrates with payment processors, some management tools and even Amazon’s S3 and Cloudfront services. Users however commonly report poor support. Between DAP and S2Member Pro, the choice is no-brainer.

Built-in Multiple Tier Affiliate System

You’ll need an army of affiliates and supporters to grow your business online. This is the smartest way to sell infoproducts. You can easily achieve this by using Digital Access Pass. Unlike similar plugins, DAP has a built-in affiliate module that lets you manage several affiliates in just a few clicks. What’s more DAP allows online business owners to offer multiple tiers of commissions, which obviously leads to a win-win situation. Your affiliates get paid on sales generated by their referrals while you reap more profits.

In comparison to Amember, S2 Member and Wish list Member the drag and drop feature offer you the opportunity to create a content sequence and rearrange it to suit individual members. The structure of the system, gives you access to have each product on its own sales page, email auto responder and landing page. The straight forward structure makes it easy for members to gain access and understand a variety of products while still understanding their individual strength.

aMember, which is quite popular among websites that sell digital downloads, only has a two-tier affiliate program. Also, aMember Pro is not a true WordPress plugin but a rather a standalone program that works with WordPress through a plugin.

Great Customer Support

Since you’re running a business 24/7, it only makes sense to work with people who’s dedicated to help you get more out of their products. DAP has fantastic customer support along with its strong set of features. Tech Husband, Affiliate Marketing Insights and David Jackson agree with me on this. DAP support answers emails really quickly. Support from developers have always been fast and useful.

All in all, the software is stellar. Buy the software once and install it on all your websites. You own it so you’re free to do anything you want with your content. There are other more expensive options but their features are not as good as what Digital Access Pass offers. In the years since I bought the software, two major features were already added to it: ability to do dimes sales and add coupons. They’re always adding new features and this was oneof the biggest attractions for me when making my purchase.

It took me three weeks looking for the best membership site plugin for WordPress. Digital Access Pass is hands down the best as a self-hosted WordPress plugin.

If you’re looking for a more expensive HOSTED membership software, as part of a complete business centralisation  systme, then check out my reviews of Office Autopilot, Infusionsoft, Nanacast and 1Shopping Cart :-)

What’s your views on the best software? Leave me a comment or voice message (see right of this site)

Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software Solutions – Things to Consider

There are some good free ecommerce shopping cart solutions out there, like Zen Cart – these are open source and will require some customisation and technical expertise on your part. If you think this is likely to be too much hassle, then you should opt for hosted cart software.

With a hosted service, you do not download any software – instead, you pay for a monthly or yearly subscription to an online service that handles your cart for you in the ‘cloud’. The benefit of a hosted ecommerce shopping cart solution is that it is generally more robust, especially when you have a lot of traffic and purchases being made via your website, which would slow down your server and site if self-hosted – which could ultimately lead to loss of sales.

In order to take payments on your website via credit card, you’ll need to integrate your ecommerce solution with a secure payment gateway – such as PayPal, or HSBC etc.

Features to look for in Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software

Customizable storefront design, social media integration, online product catalogue, simple order and payment processing, reliability and security with all purchases in the e commerce shopping cart software, ability to offer coupons and discounts, ability to gather customer feedback and create featured items and product reviews.

Office Autopilot fully integrates with your shopping cart solution but does not provide on itself. Other hosted ecommerce solutions such as Nanacast, 1Shopping Cart and Premium Web Cart do offer one.

Check out a free trial of Autopilot here

OAP-Best WordPress Subscription Plugin?

Office Autopilot is very user-friendly and the software offers you a lot more compared than the vast majority of its competitors.

When selling products via a membership site, you’ll need a WordPress subscription plugin,

This system enables the user to not only collect customer information, but helps subdivide customer details that can lead to a more effect marketing strategy. For example, a user can use tags on their website which collects data such as what products the customer was viewing and how many times they have viewed the products without buying the product. This makes it a very useful marketing tool because the user can then directly market to the prospective customer by offering specific product assistance that might influence their decision on buying the product.

This happens when Office Auto Pilot enables the user to create leads; the more a customer visits the site and clicks on certain links this will be recorded and if the visits are often, the customer then becomes a ‘hot lead’.

OAP Membership Plugin WordPress Review

The system is WordPress friendly, it is very easy to integrate your already-existing WordPress site to OAP, all you need to do is use a WordPress subscription plugin this means you will not have to rebuild your website around the new software.
The tracking system and the WordPress membership plugin allows the user to collect phone numbers and the customer’s location using the customer’s IP address. This is also very useful because it allows you to know what your customers are doing every time they long on to your site. The system does not have a fully-fledged WordPress shopping cart plugin however – it’s more a business-centralisation system, rather than shopping cart as such.
Unlike other programmes you will not have to sign into other programmes like PayPal to check on how your business is performing, you will be integrated to other systems within your Autopilot account and they will be displayed on the ‘Office Auto Trader’ program.


Another useful feature that Office Autopilot does well is creating reports: With Office Auto Trader you will be able to get a detailed analysis of your customers, including details about how much a customer has bought and what else the customer has been looking at. This could be displayed in graphs and detailed dated quantitative data. Also, Auto Trader can be used to make monthly business performance summaries, also in forms of charts and other forms of visual quantitative data.
Other programmes do not show the gradual change in sales over a period of time. OAP is superior at this type of analysis as it shows the data change over a period of time.


Compared to other services, Auto Pilot is affordable and also offers great customer service, via email or over the phone and on Skype. They also host useful free training webinars. Customer service representatives will be able to walk you through any problems that you might be facing and even help you manage the service to suit your business. Their customer service is available 24 hours a day so you can contact them anytime if you have any problems with the system.
This feature sets it apart from the competition and with a very intuitive website explaining the software and providing customer reviews, support, video tutorials amongst news and updates gives any customer of this product and the company office auto pilot a very positive experience.

Check out a free trial of Autopilot here

My Office Autopilot Full & Honest Review & Comparison

Office Autopilot – Web Payment Processing & Shopping Cart Platform

Office Autopilot certainly has an impressive array of features, to rival the likes of Infusionsoft, 1Shopping Cart, Nanacast and Premium Web Cart. Firstly, it has full shopping cart software for web payment processing. This means that you can sell your products, subscriptions and memberships easily online as well as handle credit cards, refunds, referrals, upsells (it has one-click upsell functionality), physical product fulfillment and more.

Upon first inspection, it seems easy to use. I signed up to a 7-day free trial to give it a proper test drive and found that upon further inspection, it was still very easy to use. You can sign up for your own 7-day free trial here: Office Autopilot free trial.

Office Autopilot Feature #1: Capturing Leads & E-mail Marketing

OA has an autoresponder (similar to Aweber, Mail Chimp, Get Response etc) and a whole set of power tools for e-mail marketing. You can do split tests and it has a good set of statistical features – for example you can see exactly what pages each visitor is viewing. E-mail deliverability is assured to be excellent – comparable to Aweber etc.

Integrated with this is an ‘if-then’ rule system – similar to that of Infusionsoft. This is a kind of intelligent follow up system, whereby each of your subscribers receives a tailored follow up sequence, depending on their activity within your marketing and sales process – this is very powerful if utilised well. It may be slightly advanced for people who are new to e-mail and online marketing but Office Autopilot assures it’s pretty simple to set up (and they have support ‘heroes’ on hand to help you).

As well as e-mail, you can also automate the delivery of tasks, direct mail, voice broadcasts and fulfillment too – so it’s obviously much more feature/benefit rich than a standard autoresponder. This, they say, is the beauty of the centralised system – integrating with all the other aspects of your business, such as…

OA Feature #2: Customer Service & Training

You can follow up with your customers via phone, e-mail and live chat plus, they say, ‘killer training and design services’.office-autopilot-Customer-Service

My experience with customer service software is that it is going to be much easier to have your customer service centre integrated with all of the rest of your customer details and history.

Other options such as Kayako and Zen Desk are great but are separate from your autoresponder and membership software and fulfillment house if you use one, such as Kunaki for CDs and DVDs.

OA Feature #3: Affiliate Management & Tracking

OA has a robust and pretty easy to use affiliate management system with good tracking and stats analysis features. You can set up two tiers of affiliates (So that when your first level affiliates recruit other affiliates, you can reward them both – commission levels are set by you). You can also hard code your affiliates’ links in your e-mails that they can send out for you. This makes it much easier for them to make sales for you – they just swipe the e-mail you send and send it to their list, rather than having to inset their affiliate links into e-mails. A small thing, but makes a massive difference to the motivation of affiliates to send out your stuff – you need to make it super simple for them, your affiliates are busy people like you and you need to make to brain-dead easy for the to promote for you.

Your affiliate centre is managed in WordPress, making it very easy to upload your affiliate banners, swipe e-mails, articles etc and to give your affiliates access to their tools.

In my experience with both Post Affiliate Pro and Digital Access Pass, the Office Autopilot system is better for both vendors and affiliates to check stats and sales. Digital Access Pass is very good but the link and sales tracking is very basic – too basic in my view.

Also, with regards to the secure membership site functionality it offers, similar to Digital Access Pass, OA allows drip feed of content. This is an absolutely essential feature of membership site functionality that is terribly omitted from Wishlist Member’s set of features (and caused me to abandon Wishlist out of frustration, like many other users – trust me on this).

OA Feature #4: Hosted Drag-and-Drop Landing Pages

You can set up easy lead capture pages with the drag and drop landing page feature. They are hosted by OA (or can be hosted by your hosting account) and don’t require HTML or technical skills. You can also split test pages to see which ones perform and convert the best.

If you’re using a WordPress theme with squeeze page templates, such as James Dyson’s awesome Optimizepress, then you probably won’t need this feature. But if you’re struggling to create easy opt-in pages that convert well and that you can track easily, then you’ll find this a welcome feature.

OA Feature #5: WordPress Integration

office-autopilot-review-wordpress_logoOA offers the WordPress 1-click installation and fully integrates with an existing WordPress website. It also enables you to convert an existing WP site into a secure membership site easily, as well as add payment order forms. As I mentioned earlier, in my view this is MUCH better than Wishlist Member for membership site functionality and comparable to Digital Access Pass.

OA Feature #6: Event Management

Similar to Infusionsoft but a fair bit less confusion many people say, is Office Autopilot’s event management feature. For example, you can run webinars and teleseminars and then track and follow up with attendees, no-shows and referrals. This also links in with OA’s task management feature, which ensures complete follow up, closed loops, fulfillment and accountability -a major benefit of the cutting edge sales and marketing platform.  

OA offers the WordPress 1-click installation and fully integrates with an existing WordPress website. It also enables you to convert an existing WP site into a secure membership site easily, as well as add payment order forms.

OA Feature #7: Automated Fulfillment

Whether you deliver digital products via a secure members’ area or physical CDs and other products, , OA fully integrates with fulfillment houses and systems – which means that if you’re using Kunaki or, say, to deliver DVDs, you don’t have to manually enter the customer’s address. It’s all automated and tracked.

Click here to visit Office Autopilot site.

OA Feature #8: Quirky Training Guy and ‘Heroes’

The training videos are conducted by a very quirky, dry and funny guy. When I first heard him, I wondered what he was going on about lol, but then I quickly got accustomed to his quirky sense of humour and I’ve listed this as a feature (and a benefit) because it is! He’s funny and the videos are enjoyable to watch :-)

The thought of setting up a shopping cart system and centralised business platform can seem somewhat dull, boring and daunting – the video tutorial guy lightens it up, makes it fun and explains it in a simple way.

Furthernore, you’re also assigned your own Office Autopilot ‘hero’ who will help you set up your whole system – making it sooooooo much easier than, say, Infusionsoft or even 1Shopping Cart, where you’re pretty much left to navigate it all on your own, or you need to employ an ecommerce solutions specialist – adding to the expense.  

My Conclusions

Office Autopilot is certainly up there with all the big web carts and undeniably provides a one-stop centralised business and marketing platform. It is easy to use, has very good raining videos, excellent customer service and a lot of help with setting up your systems.

It is more pricey than some of its competitors, but then it offers a fair bit more and over the medium to long term I am confident it will not only save you money when you tot up all the costs of each feature separately (affiliate management software, one-click upsell cart functionality, autoresponder, fulfilment module, membership site software, hosting, customer service intregration etc etc) but it will also help you greatly increase your monetisation of your websites and product/service offerings. I would estimate that by using OA you could easily increase your bottom line sales by 30% by simply using the intelligent follow up and rules system that OA has (and you’ll be less confused using it rather than Infusionsoft lol).

Also, see my OA review videos here

Ecommerce Solutions – Comparison of OA with Infususionsoft & Nanacast etc

Infusionsoft vs Office Autopilot

Infusionsoft’s main package is $299 per month, comparable to Office Autopilot at $297. Many of the features are similar – smart automation, e-mail marketing, fulfillment and follow up. I have not personally used Infusionsoft but I know it’s not dubbed ‘confusionsoft’ for no reason – many people I know use it and say that the customer service is less than great (in fact one of my internet marketing friends says that customer service is actually terrible) and I know at least 2 people who have stopped using Infusion and have switched to Office Autopilot and love it.

Winner: OA

1Shopping Cart

1Shopping Cart has a few pricing options, the most popular premium one, with affiliate management and payment gateway and one-click upsells is a reasonable $99 per month. Many online marketers use and are happy with 1Shopping Cart. It doesn’t have membership software included, nor does it have intelligent follow up or the ability to integrate physical fulfillment.

If you want multi-upsell functionality, this only comes with the $249 per month package, in which case, it is much more cost effective and feature rich to go with Office Autopilot. Customer service with 1SC is somewhat limited, unlike OA, whch advocates its strong customer service element and support ‘heroes’, as well as them setting up a lot of it for you.

Winner: OA – despite the higher price, it has greater functionality and customer support and will probably enable you to maximise your profits from your sales funnel than 1SC over time.


Nanacast as threee pricing options, the premium version is $147 per month, half of what OA is. It has some great features, most notably the automatic physical fulfillment feature – on-demand printing and worldwide shipping. It fully integrates with Kunaki and (so you can send out DVD and CD versions of your products very cheaply and on autopilot) and whilst OA also has this feature, Nanacast is more versatile in this respect and has more options. Nanacast has an advanced coupon system, so you can hold dime sales and integrate dynamic pricing, this is a pretty cool and useful feature. Again, OA has this but is not as feature rich.

Nanacast does NOT include an autoresponder, so you’d have to pay extra each month for tat and use a third party provider such as Aweber, this means that not all of your business is centralised and also that you’d have an extra cost of at least $20 per month extra, although could be a lot more if you are building a large list.

I signed up for a free trial of Nanacast and did find it a little complicated and not as friendly a user interface as OA. Some reports on the Warrior Forum say that Nanacast is quite complicated to set up (and as far as I know, their support people don’t offer this as standard, unlike Office Autopilot).

Winner: Tie between OA and Nanacast – both have great features, Nanacast is a fair bit cheaper but lacks the ease of use in set up and the autoresponder feature, as well as intelligent follow up that OA has.

Premium Web Cart

Premium Web Cart has 3 pricing options – the full-feature professional package is $99.97 per month. It is a strong contender in the cart and centralised business platform arena. I actually tried a 30 day trial of PWC too and their customer service was excellent – I had at least a half hour Skype chat with one of their support people about how to integrate my existing membership site with PWC. That said, the membership site side of things I fund to be a problem – it does not easily integrate with a WordPress-based membership site, despite them saying it does. They suggest that you use their hosted membership site functionality. I found this to be a problem for two reasons:

1. I want my members area hosting with my hosting account – what if I want to sell it or stop using PWC in the future? I’d have to move it all or delete it.

2. The membership site function is pretty basic – no where near as good as, say, Digital Access Pass or even Wishlist Member and it certainly doesn’t look as beautiful as, say, Kajabi or an Optimizepress-based members area.

For these reasons, I cancelled my PWC sign up, despite it having loads of other great features – customer service platform, fulfillment modules, one-click upsells, affiliate management, coupons, bundling of products, autoresponder, customer surveys, tell-a-friend, suggest a feature and even a project management feature that gives Basecamp a run for its money.

If membership sites are not important to you, go for it but I’d suggest that you will definitely want to have some kind of paid and secure continuity program as part of your sales funnel, in which case, I would not opt for Premium Web Cart. Shame.

Winner: Office Autopilot

Optimizepress & Digital Access Pass

James Dyson’s Optimizepress ($97) and Ravi Jayogopal’s Digital Access Pass (around $247) certainly make a killer combo when it comes to sales funnel and secure members area – all looking pretty gorgeous in James’ HTML 5 WordPress theme (Optimizepress). Now firstly I need to say that this combo is NOT a shopping cart – you’d still need separate fulfillment house integration, autoresponder, customer service software etc. DAP comes with a robust affiliate programme (but with limited stats and tracking). So it’s not a centralised business platform like the others.

The reason I’ve included this combo in the review is that if you are looking for a one-off payment option and already have autoresponder, customer service centre and payment platform/gateway etc then this would be good option for you. I have used this exact combination for one of my products/member areas and it works pretty well. However, it’s not easy to have half price product sales or give coupons etc. DAP has now introduced coupons but it’s not as easy as doing it all and have it all under one roof like you can with Office Autopilot.

The obvious drawback with this combo is that you can’t track cutomer history and it doesn’t allow intelligent follow up. Therefore, when you’re at the stage of taking your business to the next level and have multiple products then I’d opt for an all-in-one platform, like OA.

Winner: OA – for volume of functionality the fact it’s a proper centralised ecommerce platform.

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